The Reason Why I Created this Blog

The Reason Why I Created this Blog

Let me tell you a little story.

I took my very first Pole Fitness class in September 2014 and was addicted after.


It’s an incredible workout that few would understand unless they have experienced it first hand. You’re afforded the opportunity to intimately get to know your body — Using every part of it from a toe point to a hair flip.

Britney Hair Flip

You also gain a lot of confidence in yourself and that confidence gives you the ability to inspire other women to be confident too.


So, back to the beginning. When I started this journey, I immediately took to the internet to find other women who were involved in pole fitness. I wanted to connect with people who had the same passion and to be inspired by the other women involved.

Photo Via Muse Pole Fitness
Photo Via Muse Pole Fitness

Well, it’s hard to feel inspired when everywhere you look there’s a woman half your size hoisting herself into an invert when it took you a month just to gain enough strength to lift both feet off of the ground. I’ve even seen smaller women lift themselves up for the first time with no prior experience in beginner classes — kudos to them but my ass flopped the first time I tried.

Photo Via Reddit
Photo Via Reddit

I just wanted to be inspired by women who look like me that can identify with what I’m going through. I tried looking up “plus size pole dancer”, “curvy pole fitness”, pretty much every variation of being voluptuous and the word pole and there weren’t any communities or websites that featured or celebrated us, so I wanted to create one.


Curvy Girls Pole is meant for women to feel empowered enough to fully embrace their body, inspire others, challenge themselves and continue to love thy pole!

Β — Logo Coming Soon πŸ˜€ —

This website will feature curvy women who do pole fitness, reviews on different products like poles, apparel, shoes and things that uniquely impact us curvier ladies, my progress through my personal journey and things that are happening in the world of pole.

I’m so excited for this journey and I appreciate everyone who’s willing to take it with me.

Pole Selfie!
Weird and very random Pole Selfie!

Disclaimer: Photos used in this post (except the ones of me) are from Google Images. CGP does not own them.





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13 thoughts on “The Reason Why I Created this Blog”

  • So, I posted a comment on one of your youtube videos, I hope you see it and can get back to me. I am so excited but nervous to start my class. Other than what I mentioned on the youtube comment I am also trying to persuade my mom to let me buy a pole but well awkward my dad would have to set it up and he’s not to keen on the idea of me and my sister doing this I guess. my mom is ok with it kind of but I haven’t personally talked to my dad about it and nor will I, talk about awkward. All my stuff aside I like your blog because it explains what I feel right now lol (:

    • Hey honey!

      I didn’t see your comment on Youtube but I’m going to go check now and read it :). I’m super excited for you about your first class. I understand your nerves, but once you get in there, all of that will dissipate. Chances are, you won’t be the only new person there and the people that have been there before are typically super supportive.

      I think it’s awesome that you’re trying to get a pole! I actually live with my parents too but I had been going to pole consistently for 5 months before I introduced the idea of a pole to my mom. By that time, she had seen my dedication so it made more sense. We didn’t tell my step dad until it was here and by that time, it was too late, haha. I think he’s fine with it now though.

      It’s a very awkward dad conversation, I know. But if you consider sitting him down and showing him the benefits of pole fitness and explaining how it’s just an awesome way to exercise, he may be more open to the idea.

      I’m glad you like the blog and make sure you keep in touch πŸ™‚

      • thank you so much, I did enjoy the class today, sadly the levels here are 1,2,3, and 4 no in between so if there is someone the is almost level 2 ready they will still be in level 1 intro I guess my sister got kind of discouraged by that but I didn’t care much. I was busy trying to focus on my own thing lol. the instructor also sadly wasn’t much help, like my sister was struggling with her hands for the pirouette and you could tell just by looking but the instructor was more interested in doing her own more advanced moves. we are trying a different class with a different instructor next time I hope she’ll like it better but for me it was fine. can’t wait til next time!

        • That’s so awesome! I’m happy that you enjoyed the class! I’m sorry to hear that your instructor wasn’t much help but I’m glad that you still have other options and I hope the next instructor is a lot better and more helpful. Having a great instructor is definitely important when you’re starting out.

          They may teach you more in your levels, which is probably why you have so few so that could be a good thing.

          Please keep me updated πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for you and I look forward to your progress!

          • Thank you! And yea my sister felt upset and lost motivation because of the instructor so she wanted to try a different one and so the next time we are going is March 10 Tuesday. Excited and I will πŸ™‚

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