My Not So Graceful Journey through Beginner Spins

Jada Hudson

My pole home is Xpose Fitness is Arundel Mills, MD and I LOVE it there! (I’ll most likely be posting about them in the near future)

Xpose teaches Pole in levels. 1 being Beginner and 5 being Advanced with half levels like 1/2 and 3/4 for easier transitions into higher levels. All of the spins in this video are from level 1/2. (transitional level between pole 1 and pole 2)

Instead of showing you all of the frilly beautiful spins i’m starting to venture into, I’m sharing my beginner spins journey with all of the plops and flops included.

The purpose of this video is to show you ladies who may just be starting out, that we ALL struggled in the beginning. No one jumps into their first pole fitness class and looks stunning doing their first few spins. Just keep going and I promise you’ll get there.

My apologies for the poor quality and lack of sound in some videos. I had to extract the footage from Instagram, but i’ll make sure the ones in the future are a lot cleaner.

Also, depending on what studio you go to, you may use different names for the spins. I just went by what we call them at mine.

Feel free to share a few of your own beginner pole stories too!


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