Plus Size Pole Dancer X-Pole Review – 2014 X-Pert 45mm Chrome

Plus Size Pole Dancer X-Pole Review – 2014 X-Pert 45mm Chrome

photo OK!

So, when I started “Pole Hunting” the first thing on my list was, “What in the heck is going to hold my heavy ass up”. Luckily, this slimmed down my options. I heard ladies mention “X-Pole” around my studio so I decided to look into them and low and beyond, they were the best in the business! (Based on what I read)

One, Two, Skip a few…Pole gets here. I’m freaking out! Super excited! Can’t wait to get this sucker up!

Well, for starters, have a man or a VERY STRONG woman handy because that box is HEAVY! I’m talking 44 pounds, weight of a small child, heavy!

Once that is out of the way, you set the box where you want it and rip that bad boy open (maybe not quite “rip”. More like gently cut across the plastic tape), pull it out of the box and there lay all of the beautiful pole pieces that you now have NO IDEA how the hell to assemble.

photo 2

After reading a good 40 some odd X-Pole reviews, I knew the best way to put it together was to do so using the videos on YouTube so to YouTube I went!

It look me a good hour and a half just to get it up there incorrectly and have mom come home and tell me “You put that together? Because it’s crooked.”

so with her help, we reassembled it the proper way, this time using:

A Stud Finder (To find the studs in the ceiling — Can be purchased at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Etc.)


A Level (To make sure the pole is straight — Can be purchased at the same place as the level)

photo 1

A Mom (Because she’s just naturally awesome at things like this)

momSo, once we FINALLY got it up (the proper way), it looked like this:

photo 3

After it was assembled, I was nervous as hell that this thing would collapse as soon as I tried to do something on it, but it didn’t! I’m actually very much in love with this thing now.

My review is as follows:


It is very sturdy and supports all of my body weight. The dome at the top keeps the pole locked into place and secure so you will be absolutely FINE, provided it is set up correctly.


I love that the 45mm is an easier grip in terms of getting my hand all of the way around the pole, but the chrome is very slippery. I have ridiculously sweaty palms so I have to use a lot of dry hands, which can get a little annoying. I’m not sure what the best thing to use to lubricate the pole is (at my pole home, we use shaving cream but those are brass poles). As soon as I figure it out, I’ll post about it. The pole is also brand new, so that could also be a reason why it’s so slippery.

Ease of Assembly:

The first time that I put it up, it was a pain in the ass. Now that I understand the dynamics, I see no problem in putting it up and taking it down whenever I feel like it. Once you get it, you got it! I strongly suggest watching the YouTube Videos and completing one task in the assembly process before jumping into the next. That was my mistake the first time, as I have no patience.

Ease of Use Switching Between Static vs. Spin:

EXTREMELY Easy! I love it! It’s simply a matter of tightening and loosening two screws.

Overall opinion: I ABSOLUTELY recommend X-Pole for Pole Divas of EVERY size! I LOVE it!

Feel free to check out the video of “My First Day with my X-Pole” below!


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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Pole Dancer X-Pole Review – 2014 X-Pert 45mm Chrome”

  • Loveeee this! I have been looking for reviews on this pole and couldn’t really find anything. So I just ended up ordering one. Luckily, it was the right one! Even more excited now!!!! I can’t keep calm=)

    • Thanks Brittney! That’s a large reason why I posted it. When mine was first ordered, I saw general reviews on Amazon, but I couldn’t find anyone that actually blogged about it. I’m glad you like it and congrats on getting your pole! I’m sure you’ll love it!

  • I purchased this pole and had issues with it as soon as I got it when I installed it it was making a grinding sound against the ceiling i contacted the xpole company and they acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about upon searching other online reviews apparently there are a lot of customers that have the same issue and needed the bearings replaced I went through a lot of trouble getting xpole to send me a replacement piece, in the end they finally did however it was not a replacement bearing they sent me an extra dome this dome too was making a grinding sound it was bad and probably refurbished pieces I ended up filing a claim with my bank to get the money back as the product was considered broken. I won the bank claim through an investigation and now I have the outside vendor who sold it to me coming after me to sue me wtf!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you had that experience, Nikki! I personally haven’t experienced anything like what you described but I know that when I moved into my apartment, I had a really big issue with mounting it the first time because I couldn’t locate a stud in the ceiling. Once I found the stud though, everything’s been fine ever since. I’ve even traveled with it and haven’t had any issues mounting mine on other ceilings. I’m not a representative for Xpole, I wasn’t paid to write the blog post and I’m not affiliated with the brand in any way. I just bought the pole, loved it and thought I’d write a blog post about it based on my experience. I think it’s crazy that this is happening to you and I hope it works itself out. You shouldn’t have had to go through any of that.

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