15 Things you Should Know Before Taking your First Pole Class

15 Things you Should Know Before Taking your First Pole Class



and if you can, just avoid it the entire day. I know you want your arms and legs to be glistening while you learn all of your sexy pole moves, but trust me, it’s a bad idea. You need every part of your body to do this type of workout and you can’t get a grip if you’re slippery. No worries though love, EVERYONE in class will be ashy right along with you and once you get used to going, you won’t even notice.

2. Yes, the pole WILL support your body weight.


Trust me when I say, you, me and every other curvy lady that attempted pole for the first time had a similar concern, but i’m here to save you the worry and let you know that the pole WILL support your body weight whether you’re 100 pounds or 300 pounds – you’ll be FINE. So no need to tread lightly in your first class, just hop on that sucker and spin away!

3. Everyone in class is 90% likely to be just as nervous as you.


When you go to your first class, there’s a huge likelihood that the majority of women there with you are either brand new to pole too, or just started. What does that mean? THEY’RE ALL NERVOUS! You are not alone honey bee. Everyone has the same fears of looking silly or not being able to catch on or needing extra help. Once you get there and start class, the nerves will soon fade and everyone just starts having a good time.

4. Speaking of nerves, I know it’s tempting, but PLEASE don’t stand in the far, back, abysmal black hole right-hand corner of the class so “No one can see” you.


Again, I know you’re going to be nervous, but it’s beneficial to you to stand closer to the front near the instructor so that you can actually see what is going on. Form is important and with it being your first class, the form for the basic moves are foundation for the more difficult levels. You’ll also catch on better if you have a clear view of your instructor.

5. It’s best to (in my opinion) wear shorter shorts and a relatively fitted top.


We all have stretch marks, cellulite and back rolls, so any apprehensions you may have about short shorts or fitted tops, ball them up, toss them out of the window and join this club! I’m not expecting you to be 100% comfortable right away, for some people the “Pole World” is like entering another dimension where curvier women are ACTUALLY OKAY with their bodies and wear boy shorts and sports bras to class with as much confidence as they wear jeans and a tee. It’s different, I get it, but I don’t want you to get hung up on the things like stretch marks and cellulite, because we ALL have em’. Shorts help you grip the pole because you have more leg and thigh exposed and fitted tops allow you to actually see the way your body is moving, which can help you approve or adjust form – plus, it’s sexier!

6. Bring a friend to help ease the tension of going alone, but ONLY if that friend is genuinely interested in going. No Debby Downers!


Bringing a friend can definitely help you ease up on the nerves, as you’ll have a partner in crime, in the same boat as you that you can at least talk to in class. I had a friend my first time and we had a riot! Now, what you DON’T want to do, is bring someone just for the sake of bringing someone because that Debby Downer could screw up your entire experience. If she is going because you want her to go, but she genuinely has no interest, her disinterest could reflect in her energy and bring you down too. So only take someone that is equally as excited to try it.

7. Research the studio BEFORE going there.  


I have heard genuine horror stories about first pole experiences. Non-attentive instructors, rude and catty members, unclean studios, the list goes on. I recommend checking the Facebook and Yelp pages of your studio before going and reading the reviews. I also recommend going to the studio’s website to look up the instructors. My pole studio has a broad range of body types, ethnic groups, and backgrounds in terms of instructors, so that was a huge reason why I chose it.

8. Your pole journey is your own, so move at the pace that is comfortable for you.


Some women can master a move on the first, second or third try. Others, can master it on the 10th try. In the end though, both women have still mastered the move, regardless of the time spent to get there. Your pole journey belongs to you. So, if you know that it takes you extra time to learn a dance move, then try to be content with the fact that it may take you some time to learn a pole move. You WILL get there though if you keep at it. So, while in class, don’t define your skill set based on the women around you, be ok with your own. It’s the very BEST method to avoid getting discouraged.

9. You WILL sweat!


As sexy, fun and exciting pole fitness is and as much as it doesn’t FEEL like a workout, IT IS ONE. One that WILL make you sweat honey! So, be prepared.

10. You will feel pain in strange places, trust me, it’s normal.


Your first class won’t be as intense as your higher levels, but for you to be just starting out, you’re going to be working muscles you may have never worked before. You may feel pain in your fingers and yes, I do mean your actual fingers, which comes from gripping the pole. You could also feel pain in your shoulders, back, upper thighs, wrists and forearms. It’s normal and it fades after a while.

11. You may get pole kisses (depending on what your studio covers in level one classes).


Some studios teach spins that involve taking both feet off of the ground in level one (mind does not), if this is the case, depending on what you’re doing, you could get a few minor bruises, no worries, we all get them. We just call them pole kisses.

12. If you have any pre-existing conditions or injuries, be sure to inform your instructor.


If you have sustained any injuries in the past, it is very important that you inform your instructor so that you don’t (couldn’t find a decent way to say this) mess yourself up. The last thing you want to do is injure an injury. To be on the safe side, you may also want to get permission from a doctor.



Whether you think it or not, I know it! I’m telling you right now you’re sexy. So don’t over think it or discourage yourself with the whole “I don’t know how to be sexy”. I’m telling you now that you don’t have to know how to be sexy, because you already are.

14. If you’re doing pole fitness to lose weight, you WILL lose weight, but don’t expect it to happen in a day.


Just like with any workout, if you keep at it and stay dedicated, you will lose weight. However, don’t think that after your first class you can rush home, measure your waist and see inches gone instantaneously. It does take time. So, don’t think about how much weight you want to lose. Instead, set goals for pole moves you want to achieve. Naturally, the more you keep at it and the more you achieve your goals, the more weight you will lose without even thinking about it.

My personal pole weight loss journey

15. Some people are not going to “approve” and THAT IS OKAY!


Whether we like it or not, pole is still very taboo. Some people don’t “approve”. Now, I’ve NEVER heard a substantial reason for disapproval, yet people insist on frowning upon it and they are entitled to do so if that’s how they feel. However, I’m here to let you know that IT IS OKAY! Not everyone is going to like the fact that you do an “unconventional” workout. Some people will go so far as to associate your WORKOUT with exotic dancing, while being completely aware that you are NOT dancing in a strip club, while removing your clothing, for money. I just had to put that out there so those people realize how silly they sound.

Back on topic, Pole Fitness will give you so many positives. A healthier mind, body and spirit, unparalleled confidence, not to mention it’s a great freaking time! You will inspire other people to join and motivate your peers that are doing it with you, which will out shadow all of the negatives. Haters are just secret fans anyway, so pay the negatively no mind and do you boo!

Good Luck and Happy Poling Babes!

Feel free to share your first pole class experiences and/or additional tips for beginners in the comments below.


Disclaimer: Photos from Google Images. CGP does not own them.

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