CGP Feature: DeeDee Glitter Cupcake


Meet: DeeDee Glitter Cupcake

From Chicago, currently living in Las Vegas. Poling on and off for six years.

7 Random Facts

I am 4’9…and 3/4″ 🙂
I love the pinup lifestyle and I have been in love with all things retro ever since I was a little girl.
I met my husband accidentally on an online dating site, where he was just signed up to find hair clients. Our first meeting was him giving me a haircut. Four years later he proposed to me on the Pirate’s Lair Island at Disneyland.
I am obsessed with Michael Jackson, my wedding song was “The Way You Make Me Feel”….and I broke my foot playing the MJ Wii game.
I own a cupcake baking business and I was chosen to be on an episode of Cupcake Wars. My baking partner on the show was my friend Missy who I met in a workshop with Alethea Austin a few years ago. The production team knew us as the “pole dancing team” and we were doing handstands and splits all over their set!
I LOVE tacos and beer!
I am a dog mom to a German Shepherd and a Corgi that we rescued, she is coincidentally also named Glitter.


1. Why I pole Dance

50% for the shoes, 50% because it’s badass.

2. How Did I Get Started?

An old boyfriend took me to a strip club and I saw a girl do an inversion, and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I went home that same night and started googling everything I could about pole. My relationship with the pole has lasted much longer than the boyfriend!

3. My advice to other curvy polers who may be discouraged

It’s easier said than done but try not to compare yourself to other ladies. Everyone progresses at their own pace and everyone has things they are awesome at. Find out what you are most awesome at and own it. Power tricks are not my strong point but I know I can smile, make eye contact and work the heck out of a crowd for five minutes.

4. My best pole experience

I started teaching group classes and students came and went, but one of them stuck with me from the beginning until the end, and she still says that if it weren’t for me being her first instructor she never would have stuck with pole. She is now 50 and fabulous and has been poling for a few years and is even starting to pass me up with some of the tricks she can do! I am so proud of her and she is now a good friend of mine. It has been awesome to see her grow and see what she has been capable of.

…and worst…

Once I was in competition and I had my routine down like the back of my hand, but once I got to the stage, I ended up having to improvise some parts which I was not expecting! I came offstage very upset but it was an excellent learning experience, and taught me to prepare for anything and be able to adjust at a moment’s notice.

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