I attended Roz the Diva’s “Building your Stage Confidence” class and it was EVERYTHING!


My friend Alysia (Left) and I (Right) before class (and shameless rocking superhero shirts — totally unplanned)



Allow me to preface this by saying that Roz the Diva is an alien and I mean that in the most loving way possible. She’s not an alien in terms of the silvery grey people that ride around in UFOs and screw with humans by leaving strange signs in corn fields. She’s an alien in that she’s so far beyond her time and this world. She’s garnered an incredible amount of recognition for her successes, yet she remains humble, honest, supportive and sincerely loves and cares about her students. They just don’t make them like her anymore.

On to the post,

I had the amazing pleasure of taking one of Roz’s “Building your Stage Confidence” classes and it was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. She digs deep into the depths of your soul and pulls out the badass diva deep within us and brings her to life! It was incredible!

She stressed the importance of making eye contact with the audience, how to control tempo and make your moves calculated and pronounced and the importance of variation between pole and floor (because you risk passing the hell out if you pole for 3 minutes straight).

At the end of the class, she challenged all of us to perform for each other. My nerves were shot to hell, but surprisingly, we all agreed.

My friend Alysia, who took the class with me, went second and she ROCKED IT! She went from standing in the back of pole classes to full on performing for all of us! She did an incredible job and has allowed me to share her performance with all of you:

One, Two, Skip a few and it was my turn! Here goes nothing….

Finally, Roz the Diva was up to bat and she, in natural Roz fashion, shut shit down!

All in all, it was an incredible experience and I would recommend any woman, plus size or otherwise, to take her class if you’re given the opportunity. We all had fun!

Roz the Diva's Class




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  1. Dianne M. Daniels on

    Fabulous! Just discovered your site after seeing your article on Prevention.com, and signed up as a subscriber to your blog. Thank you for this – pole dancing is something I’ve been interested in, but never tried, and you’ve helped me get past that fear.

    Looking for a class now that can accommodate this 53-year old, busty, curvy girl…my hubby will be thrilled!

    • Curvy Girls Pole on

      Hi Diane,

      That’s AMAZING news!!!!
      So excited to hear that you’re ready to try pole classes! Pole is a very accepting and supportive community so I’m sure you’ll be welcome at any Studio!

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