5 Things Body Shamers Should Know (and Accept) about Plus Size Women

5 Things Body Shamers Should Know (and Accept) about Plus Size Women

1. You May Not Know This……….But, We Know We’re Plus Size

We know what we look like when we look in the mirror and we know what we look like when we post bathing suit pictures in all of our voluptuous glory! You leaving a negative comment just makes you look like you care way more than you probably should (you really shouldn’t care that much. There are tons of hobbies out there that would be a much more productive use of your time).

2. Every Plus Size Woman is not Unhealthy Simply Because She’s Overweight


If we had the ability to detect someone’s medical condition history simply based off of appearance, there would be a lot less people carrying around illnesses. Sadly, we can’t. Yet, somehow, this incredible creation known as the World Wide Web, allows people (not me, I don’t know how they do it, but they’re missing out on millions harboring this exquisite ability) to achieve just that!

Sarcasm aside,

The woman that you’re looking at and tearing down online is a stranger. Meaning, you don’t know anything about her, her life or her situation. You could be commenting on a photo of a woman who is on 5 different medications, one of which could be a steroid that physically prevents her from losing weight but it’s the only thing keeping her out of the hospital so she has to take it. She finally found something (like pole fitness, for example) that helps her forget her illness, if only for a few hours, and makes her genuinely happy. After years of having low self-esteem and virtually no confidence, she decides to post photos of herself online to try to inspire others like her to feel better about themselves. Here you come, ready to stone her at the alter because she “looks” unhealthy. In this instance, you may be right in that she’s unhealthy, but it has nothing to do with weight and you’re choosing to attack the very thing she has no control over. All I’m saying is that you never know someone’s situation online, so be cognizant next time you choose to be an ass to someone who doesn’t deserve it.


3.  We are actually allowed to LOVE OURSELVES, even if you don’t?


“She should be ashamed of how she looks”, “why is she ok with being unhealthy?, “why are you celebrating the first size 22 model? Being size 22 should not be celebrated!” These are all comments that I’ve seen on articles and I need for all of you who feel this way to stop projecting whatever  negative feelings you have about yourself onto others. There is so much in this world that tears us down and makes us feel bad about ourselves, so any woman who doesn’t let society’s unrealistic and unattainable standards of beauty get in the way of her happiness, she has every right to celebrate herself and be celebrated.

Confidence doesn’t mean that she “doesn’t care about her health.” She could be making every effort to lose weight. It means that she has made a conscious effort to love and accept herself at any size. Be happy for her! Let her be great!

4. If She’s Choosing to Be Unhealthy and Wants to Remain Her Size, that’s her Decision! Let her Live!


It doesn’t affect you,so let her live! Go to the gym for her! Eat a fiber bar in her honor. She’s happy, you should be too!

5. Anyone who Identifies as Curvy is Curvy, Whether you Agree With It or Not


I hate seeing children cry. I hate that there’s no world peace. I hate getting peas in my shrimp fried rice when I order chinese food. Moral of the story: we all hate a lot of things, but what we choose to invest hate in says more about us than it does about what we’re consciously choosing to dislike.


Before you get your undies in a knot, I’m in NO WAY condoning living an unhealthy lifestyle. Curvy Girls Pole is a blog dedicated to empowerment, health, exercise (through pole, in particular) and inspiration. What I am saying though is 1) do not make the assumption that someone is unhealthy simply because of how they look 2) don’t assume that someone is unhealthy because of their weight if they’re overweight and 3) if someone CHOOSES to live an unhealthy lifestyle, it’s THEIR CHOICE and they should not be chastised for making a decision that in NO WAY inadvertently affects you.

Lastly, Lastly, (for real this time)

If you’re a plus size woman reading this that has been affected by body shamers, just know that you are loved and supported! Never let someone’s perception of you become your reality.




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