I shot with Brett Stanley and it was Incredible!


This past Friday, I flew to Atlanta with my partner-in-crime (AKA, mom) for an underwater photoshoot scheduled for Saturday with Brett Stanley!

Brett is most known for his creatively genius underwater photoshoots. In the pole community, he is known for taking some beautiful photos of pole dancers and aerialists:

Property of Brett Stanley Photography

Property of Brett Stanley Photography

Property of Brett Stanley Photography

Property of Brett Stanley Photography

Drooling, yet? I know, I am!

Anyway, back to the shoot! I arrived there and was greeted by Brett and his team who were all very nice and accommodating. The pool was warm, there were private areas to change and I felt super at ease very quickly.

I opted to get my make-up done and the artist, Jessica Vaugn, was incredible! She was sweet, knew how to match my tone perfectly and was absolutely HILARIOUS!

When it was finally time to get into the water, I was FREAKING OUT! I thought that the pole would be slippery and that I would go to do a move and water would shoot up my nose or even that I would try to do moves and not be able to execute them under water.

Brett quickly laid all of those nerves to rest with this:

This nose plug makes my nose look HUGE, but I lie to you not – it turned me into a goddamn mermaid! Once I realized that water wasn’t going to shoot up my nose, I was set! Then, when I touched the pole and didn’t slip, I knew I was about to murder this shoot and that’s exactly what I did!

A little eyelash glue break…

Then, back to business!

I ended up doing two shoots back-to-back with an outfit change. At the end, Brett gave me an opportunity to freestyle underwater while he recorded in slo-mo using his camera! This is what he got:

All in all, it was an AWESOME experience! I would strongly recommend this to anyone! It was so fun and liberating!

A few things to note if you’re considering an underwater shoot:

  • Bring eyedrops
  • Take a break in between sessions
  • Bring makeup remover to remove the eyelash glue and extra makeup around your eyes after the shoot
  • Have fun!

I will have the photos from the shoot later this week! Can’t wait to share them with you all!


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