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If you have been following CGP on Facebook or Instagram then you’re already aware that Curvy Girls Pole is expanding and currently developing the first exclusively Plus Size Pole Wear Brand: Curvy Fit!

Because I haven’t made any formal announcements of this new endeavor on the blog, I wanted to do a recap on how this idea came about, the process of developing the brand and where we’re at now with the launch!

It all started with this picture:

My friend, Alyisa of Lady Truth Prints, made me this shirt as a Christmas Gift. I wore it to the International Pole Convention in 2016 and right after I posted it on my personal page and the CGP page, tons of people started asking me where they can buy one.

Then, when I got to the convention, the same thing happened! More people were asking me about the shirts, if I had any with me and if they could purchase one!

This got me thinking…

There are currently NO brands that exclusively offer plus size pole wear and if I was going to make these shirts, then I mind as well take the leap and develop an entire clothing line that caters to our community! That’s when Curvy Fit was born!

With the help of Alysia, we turned my apartment into a sweatshop! Hand pressing every single item and manually measuring every vinyl placement for accuracy. We dedicated, and are still dedicating, entire weekends to the full development of this brand.

There’s still a lot of work to do, but we’ve come so far and made many strides. I initially wanted to launch the brand in February 2017, but being a full-time social media marketer, full-time graduate student and perfectionist, I want to make sure that this brand is released just right, so I will likely be debuting Curvy Fit in June 2017 at the International Pole Convention in Atlanta, GA!

In the meantime, we just completed the official look book photoshoot and trailer, which will be released soon, but here’s a sneak peek into the line:

Looking forward to sharing more soon! 😉


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  1. Carla Miller Allen on

    I am very interested in your shirt and learning pole dancing for curvy women. I’m 56 young.

  2. Tanisha Davis on

    Thank you so much for creating this clothing line! I am so excited to see you at Pole Con in June and I will be purchasing a shirt from you when I get there!

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