My Sweaty Palms Drove me to Buy a SECOND X-Pole


I have the sweatiest palms on the planet! Seriously! It has taken me forever to level-up in pole or to master moves consistently due to the fact that I’m always slipping and sliding. I have to take breaks in between moves to add on extra dry hands in order to make it through a pole class. It’s pretty intense.

That’s why, when I was browsing X-Pole’s website today and noticed that the 53mm pink silicone Xpert pole was on sale from $379.99 to $189.99, I absolutely COULD NOT pass up this opportunity!

The Silicone X-Pole is the pole with the most amount of grip! It’s best for climbs and holds – two of the main areas that I’m hoping to improve in. You can even pole WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON! Pretty amazing, right?

That makes this pole perfect, not only for sweaty palms, but also for beginners who haven’t built up their grip strength just yet, but still want to be on an apparatus that would allow them to trial new moves.

Just for the record, this is NOT the pole that you want to use to test spins on static due to the intense grip. On the bright side, this pole, like all other Xperts, transitions between static and spin, which I think is an awesome workaround!

Here are a few of the stats that X-Pole provides on this particular pole:

This pole comes with the following:

I’ll be doing a full review once it arrives and comparing it to the chrome X-Pole, but in the meantime, I can’t wait for the baby to get here and test it out! More to come!

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