How to Find a Plus Size Pole Class

How to Find a Plus Size Pole Class

If you’ve just stumbled onto Curvy Girls Pole, welcome to the squad, sis! You’re probably wondering how you can get involved or how to find a curvy girls pole class.

In short, Curvy Girls Pole is a community that celebrates plus size pole dancers from different studios located all over the world. While we don’t have our own location, it’s still very possible for you to find an inclusive, diverse pole home that welcomes and celebrates plus size pole dancers! Here’s my recommendation for how to find a plus size pole class!

1. Start with a Google Search

First thing’s first – Google “Pole classes near me.” Google search results will populate with pole studios that are near you. Write down each of the pole studios that are within the distance that you’re willing to travel to.

2. Visit Each Studio’s Website

Next up, take the list that you made and go to each studio’s website. Pole dance studios vary in pricing and experience, so you’ll want to make sure that the cost structure is something that you can afford. This is also a great way to get a first glimpse into the studio’s community and ethics. Is there diversity in body, race and age of the people who are featured on their website? Do they have photos of their staff? If so, are the instructors diverse? From here, you should dwindle your list down to your top 2-3 studios.

3. Visit Each Studio’s Instagram

You may have gotten a hint of the studio culture on their website, but their Instagram channel is where you’re going to get a good gauge of their class structures, how the studio looks, and how large the classes are. You’ll also be able to see if there are other plus size students in any of the class photos or featured on their channels. This is what I typically use to make the final decision when I’m researching new studios.

4. Feel free to Reach Out

Once you’ve landed on the studio that you want to try, feel free to reach out ahead of time if you have any questions. Studios are normally super welcoming and inclusive, so don’t be shy if there’s anything that you’re curious about.

5. Ask a Friend to Tag Along

You’ve done all of your research and now you’re ready to take your first class! One thing that you can do to minimize some of the nerves associated with trying a new studio, is to ask a friend to tag along! I took my first pole class with a friend and it really helped to calm my nerves.

That’s it! It’s really that simple, ya’ll! Please feel free to connect with us on Instagram and use #CurvyGirlsPole to share your progress with us!

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