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January 2015. First time I held myself up.

hello world!

My name is Jada Hudson and I began my Pole Fitness journey in September 2014. As part of a health and fitness challenge, I had to try an “unconventional” work out, so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to see what Pole was about.

I took my first class at Xpose Fitness and was IMMEDIATELY hooked! It didn’t even feel like a workout, which was great for me, because I hated working out.

I was SO excited about how much I was growing to love Pole fitness that I started researching tons of pole fitness blogs, websites, facebook and Instagram pages to connect with other women who shared my passion. Although there were A LOT of websites that catered to pole, I started realized that I would only see the curvier women once in a while. I searched everything from “plus size pole fitness” to “curvy pole dancer” but there were no pole fitness communities that celebrated women with a little extra umph.

So, I decided to create it! Curvy Girls Pole is a movement for women to celebrate and embrace their bodies, inspire others who may be apprehensive to get involved, challenge themselves by testing their limits and be bold and unapologetic about their love for Pole!

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