Guest Blog for CGP

Guest Blog for CGP

If you’re a poler who has something fun to say — say it here! The Curvy Girls Pole Blog is officially open to guest blogging submissions! This is a platform for ALL OF US to express ourselves, so I’m opening the door to all of you to do just that!

For those unfamiliar with guest blogging, it means that you can submit your OWN stories to for a chance to have them published on the blog. These submissions can be anything from your personal pole journey to “10 Things I wish I Knew Before My First Performance” and even tutorial videos. Feel free to get as creative as you like. If your article is chosen to be published, you will receive an email with the date and time of publication, along with a link.

Anyone who submits 2 or more articles each month that ultimately get published, will be deemed a Curvy Girls Pole Blog Correspondent, or CGP Correspondent. This means that:

  • You can apply for a press pass and attend & cover events on behalf of the Curvy Girls Pole blog
  • Your photo and bio will be listed under the “About” section of the site
  • An exclusive CGP Correspondent swag bag delivered to your home after 2 consecutive months of being an official correspondent

The only requirements are…

  1. The piece that you submit must be original content that has not been posted anywhere else and by submitting the article to Curvy Girls Pole, you are transferring ownership of that material to Curvy Girls Pole if it is published on the blog.
  2. Nothing negative – this is a platform for positivity and empowerment.
  3. You must submit a photo of yourself and an “about me” snippet along with your article to accompany your story if it is published
  4. You do NOT have to be a curvy poler to submit a guest blog post (so long as you understand the platform and your content is something that applies to our audience)
  5. Studio features:
    1. Studio features are welcome as long as it’s for a news-worthy reason
    2. Studio mentions are welcome in blog posts, we actually encourage you to give your pole home a shout out
    3. Please do not submit a story that only serves to highlight a particular studio
  6. Brand Ambassadors:
    1. You MAY submit a story and include photos wearing the apparel that you’re an ambassador for. You may even provide your affiliate link
    2. You MAY submit a story mentioning how your journey has afforded you the opportunity to be an ambassador for a brand. You may even include the affiliate link.
    3. Please do not submit a story solely urging people to shop at your affiliate store simply because you are a brand ambassador

That’s it! If you have any questions or would like to submit a story, please contact me (Jada) at


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