Best Pole for Plus Size Pole Dancers

Best Pole for Plus Size Pole Dancers

I get this question all of the time, ya’ll! It’s probably the number one question that I’m asked regularly: What is the best pole for plus size pole dancers?

I completely get it! We’ve all seen the videos of poles falling out of the ceiling and the thought of that is absolutely terrifying, but what we think is something that is attributed to weight is usually just the result of either a cheap pole or a poorly assembled one. I’ve been poling for over 6 years now and I’ve never seen a pole bend, break or fall because of someone’s size!

So, the question really shouldn’t be “What’s the best pole for bigger people,” it should be “What’s the best pole brand to buy?” Because quality poles are made for all bodies of all sizes!

Now for the part that you came for! What pole brand should you buy? The only pole that I have ever recommended is X-Pole! X-Pole is the pole brand that is used at almost all pole competitions, in pole studios and at pole conventions.

Of X-Pole’s selection, the X-Pole Xpert pro is the best one, in my opinion. This pole doesn’t require drilling into your ceiling and it’s also the best portable pole for plus size dancers too, because you can literally take it and reassemble it anywhere with a ceiling and a floor! This pole is best for renters as well, because you don’t have to worry about it damaging your ceiling (as long as you assemble it properly and mount it against a stud).

Now, let’s talk about what the best pole finish and pole size to buy is, and if you’ve never poled before, and you’re in the market for one, deciding on those two things would be your next question!

45mm Chrome is the answer! Similar to the pole brand, this pole finish and size are the industry standard! This is also one of the best poles for sweaty hands, along with the silicone pole and brass pole. I personally swear against stainless steel poles because they’re terrible for sweaty hands, but they are also the best poles for those who have allergies, so there’s totally a market for them.

Doing a quick Amazon search will generate a ton of pole options and some of them might be great, but I tend to err on the side of what’s going to be safe and durable, because I’ve seen one too many poles take a nosedive onto someone’s coffee table or through a wall.

So, I hope this helps you out on your pole search for the best pole for plus size women! I own 2 X-poles already (chrome and silicone) and I’m strongly considering a third (the portable stage pole). I’ve never had an issue with any of them and they’ve both lasted through 4 moves over 5 years!

Note: This post was not endorsed by X-Pole, however, this post does include affiliate links. I can participate in any affiliate program, but I choose to participate in X-Pole, because I stand by their product.

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