8 Things that keep you from trying Pole Fitness that only Exist in your Head

8 Things that keep you from trying Pole Fitness that only Exist in your Head


I’ve dragged quite a few friends to Pole Class with me and sometimes they’ve been kicking and screaming with all of these apprehensions. So, I decided to address 8 of those things and hopefully this will lessen the fear for any pole newbies.

1. I have no strength so I can’t do anything!


Not true! In your first pole class, your instructor will more than likely be focusing on basic spins and choreography. As you move up levels, you will build strength. Now, if you decide to start off on a level 5, more power to you sister! But  there’s DEFINITELY a level of strength expectation there.


2. Everyone is going to be looking at me!


Not true! Everyone is going to be looking at THEMSELVES! I promise! We’re a very “self aware” group of women (that’s a better way of saying “we’re sexy and we know it”) and after a few pole classes, you’ll feel the SAME way! Which brings me to the next topic…


3. I don’t know how to be sexy!


That’s the perfect reason to GO! You’ll learn my dear, you’ll learn. You’ll also build tons of confidence too!


4. I’m too fat


That’s my FAVORITE excuse! There is NO SUCH thing! Pole is a sport for ANY woman at any weight! If you don’t believe me? Then I’m SO glad you’re on this blog. You need to subscribe now and follow me on every social media site because I can show you PLENTY of proof!


5. No one will approve because that’s a stripper thing.


It is what strippers do, but it’s also what athletes do. If you’re an athlete or someone who enjoys dancing, then it’s not a stripper thing. It’s YOUR thing.


6. I’m Single so there’s no point!


Of course there’s a point — Go for you! You’ll get a great workout in, build confidence and meet a lof of great people. Not to mention, when you DO get into a relationship, imagine their pleasant surprise when they find out you’re a great pole dancer!


7. I can’t be around all of those women and their catty, cliquey behavior.


I can’t speak for every pole studio or every woman who does pole, but the pole community that I have experienced has been the most supportive community of women that I’ve ever come across in my life! We’re all passionate about what we do and it shows in the way we support and motivate each other.


8. I’m afraid that I’ll be embarrassed when I can’t get something right.


More than likely, if you’re taking pole for the first time, you’re in a class where EVERYONE is afraid of the SAME THING. My first class included a lot of laughs when we realized that we all had the same silly fear and it helped us all loosen up and we were able to enjoy it.


So, go out and take a class already! What’s the worst thing that can happen? You leave feeling sexy, confident and like you just worked your ass off? That’s an awesome thing! Feel free to share your experiences from your first classes!

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3 thoughts on “8 Things that keep you from trying Pole Fitness that only Exist in your Head”

  • Number 4 kept me from walking into my studio for almost a year, and is still in my head a little as I start officially. I wonder will the studio poles hold my size 18 275-285 pound frame, will eventually learn the tricks I see Emma Haslam (a beautiful dancer, but 60 pounds lighter than me) do so effortlessly. But, finally i just took the plunge and said “enough is enough”, some things will be harder for me just because I have a bigger body, but it is a process.

    • I think it’s absolutely incredible that you’re going to give it a chance. Your body is going to surprise you over and over again the more dedicated you are and the stronger you get. You can do this at any size and you’ll be as effortlessly wonderful as you want to be. That’s what’s so amazing about pole fitness. You’re 100% in control of your progress and you WILL see progress. I’m very excited for you and I’m so happy that you’re giving it a chance. I don’t think that you will be disappointed. Please keep in touch, and if you need any encouragement, I’m here. 🙂

      • This is something I’ve always wanted to do..I’m so ready to learn and step out my comfort spot…pls help…

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