CGP Feature: Roz “The Diva” Mays

CGP Feature: Roz “The Diva” Mays


Where do you even begin with someone like Roz the Diva? She’s a Fierce and Sexy Pole Dancer, a Motivational Fitness Trainer, a Stunt Woman having worked alongside the famous Adam Sandler and the founder of Dangerous Curves, the first national pole dancing competition series to exclusively highlight plus size dancers.

Despite all of her achievements she has an amazingly sweet and infectious personality. She’s a humble , absolutely hilarious and supportive person who’s always willing to extend herself to help both her students and her peers.


Meet Roz “The Diva” Mays


6 Random facts

Pancakes rule the world

I used to fence in 8th and 9th grade

I had a nightlight until I was 12

I had my undergrad degree in Business

My biggest pole goal is to recreate the finale of Sister Act II.  I’m playing Sister Mary Clarence.

Statement jewelry makes my world go ’round.

1. What was your proudest pole moment?

Watching my first generation of students climb the pole damn near brought me to tears.  Those first eight girls had never really worked out before, much less pole danced, so everything was a struggle.  I drilled them for weeks and weeks on the basics; I swore that they’d do some cool stuff one day, even if they couldn’t lift both feet off the ground now.  Then one day, I heard one of my girls screaming “Roz looooook!!!”  I turned around and she was waiving to me from 13′ in the air.  I lost my mind in pride.

2. Any pole stereotypes you want to address?

Contrary to what close minded people think, I’m not a fat black slutty stripper.

3. What was your best pole experience?

My best pole experience was winning Polesque in May 2011.  Polesque was the perfect competition for me because it wasn’t a measure of strength, but of heart.  I haven’t really competed since then, but I don’t care.  To this day, nothing has replaced the roar of the crowd chanting “DIVA!  DIVA! DIVA!”

4. Any advice to other curvy polers who may be discouraged?

To everyone who thinks they are too heavy to pole, KEEP POLING.  Our road to pole glory is slower, more frustrating and longer than most.  Those who flourish don’t waste too much time on pessimism; they take sledgehammers and knock haters down.  

Jade vs Jade
Pole Progress: Jade 2012 vs. Jade 2014

Stay Connected with The Diva



Instagram and Twitter: @RozTheDiva

Train with roz!

Roz The Diva (Winter 2015)


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