CGP Feature: Bonnie

CGP Feature: Bonnie

Meet: Shaunie aka Bonnie

From New York. Poling for about 1 year and 7 months.


7 Random Facts

I’m shy
I love to dance!
I love to travel!
I love to sleep!
I love seafood
Music is life
I’m a huge fan of the NBA
Winter is my favorite season

I pole because:

I pole dance because I love the way it makes me feel. When I dance I feel sexy. When I get a new move on the pole, I feel confident.


How I got started:

My friend and I went to a pole party, at our local pole studio, back in November 2014. Everyone was really nice and  welcoming. We got to learn about the nature of pole dancing and got to do some pretty cool tricks on the pole.  From that very moment I knew the pole and I were destined to be.  I signed up that same day and have been pole dancing ever since. I love how I get to dance and listen to music while getting in shape.


Advice for other curvy polers:

First of all, I love you guys. Curvy girls rule
Don’t give up, the road may get rocky but keep going!!
Set small goals for yourself and work on achieving them.
Remember everything takes time, don’t rush.
Always think positive thoughts.

Proudest pole moment:

Climbing the pole all the way to the top, by far is my proudest pole moment.


What keeps me motivated:

You guys keep me motivated. I love to search for a lot of pole and silks videos – I see so many amazing videos/pictures. Seeing you guys pushes me to stay focused. (:

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