CGP Feature: ~E~


Meet: ~E~

From Conyers, GA. Poling for 9 months (Poleversary March 16).

Pole home is Fit Candy Studio


3 Random Facts

I love sports, especially football  (Roll Tide!)

My favorite color is pink

I love to shop at Torrid and Sephora

Why I pole dance

Pole is a way to incorporate all forms of fitness — strength, flexibility, and agility in a beautiful way, plus it’s fun to find your sensual side.

How I got started

I was curious about it for years, and even walked into a studio to ask questions, but I was afraid that I couldn’t do it because of my weight, but one day I just said, ok time to stop being a chicken, and took a class during Open House.


My advice to other curvy polers

Remember that pole isn’t a marathon — go at your own pace. Film yourself so you can see your progression (I promise it’s there) and trust and listen to your body. See the beautiful person in the mirror. Find her and love her.

My proudest pole moment

My successful elbow stand, and when I performed a solo routine.

The pole stereotype I would most like to address

The pole community is diverse, not just wannabe exotic dancers. We’re professional women, teachers, lawyers, first ladies, stay at home moms, all united in a love for dance.

What keeps me motivated

I watch Emma Haslam and Roz Mays videos, read the posts here on CGP and listen to my pole sisters who won’t let me quit and keep me encouraged.


My best and worst pole experience

Best pole experience is the friends I have made. The worst? Fighting the frustration I feel when I’m learning a new move and it’s taking me a long time to do, but I just keep going until I get it.

My top 5 dancing songs:

1. The Hills- The Weekend
2. Chains – Nick Jonas
3. Can you Stand the Rain- Boyz II Men
4. Come Over – Aaliyah
5. Paper- Nick and Knight

Fellow CGP, share your favorite shoes to wear, pole gear and dancing songs in the comments below!


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  1. Work it E and keep rising higher. We love you at Fit Candy Studio and enjoy watching your Star Quality!!! Keep up the good work!!


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