CGP Feature: Tausha Ostander & Dangerous Curves

CGP Feature: Tausha Ostander & Dangerous Curves

The News of Roz the Diva Passing the Dangerous Curves Torch quickly swept through the Plus Size pole community. It was bittersweet news that Roz was leaving Dangerous Curves, the plus size pole competition she founded, to focus on other ventures, leaving her platform in the very capable hands of Dangerous Curves 2015 winner: Tausha Ostrander. Curvy Girls Pole was super excited to chat with Tausha to learn more about her pole journey, her recent transition from student to teacher and what she has planned for the popular pole competition in the future.

Meet Tausha Ostrander:

The New Managing Director of Dangerous Curves: Plus Size Pole Competition

From Fort Collins, CO. Poling for over 3 years.


8 Random Facts

I have a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Don’t argue with me. You will lose.

            My favorite movie is “Lost in Translation.”

            I have Celiac, so I eat gluten free.

            If & when I get to travel internationally, Japan is the country I’d most like to visit.

            I have a 14 year old, dust colored cat named Miri.

My current favorite cocktail is a Gin Mule/London Mule.

I’m married. His name is Jesse. He has curly hair and glasses and the weirdest sense of humor ever. He’s fantastic.

When I’m 60, I intend to retire from whatever I’m doing to become a professional psychic. Hopefully I’ll be living in the woods.


How I got started

I started poling after seeing one of my best friend’s first pole performance. I’d seen some professional pole videos, like Karol Helms and Jenyne Butterfly, but seeing that student performance was way more inspiring to me because it made pole seem so much more accessible. Another of my friends won a pole class package that night, and I told her I’d go with her. I was totally hooked after the first class!

How it felt transitioning from Student to Teacher

Becoming a pole instructor has made me into a student of a different kind. Teaching how to do something is a very different experience from doing it yourself, so I’m still learning — just, instead of learning how to do a move, I’m learning how to break that move down into stages and how to give cues that even people with no movement background can understand. (For example, I’ve learned that I can’t just say “open your hips” — it’s much clearer to say “squeeze your butt!”) That being said, I LOVE being a pole instructor!

My advice to curvy polers who want to start teaching

Go back and take beginner classes!! The more you perfect your basics, and the more time you spend in the environment of those basics being taught, the easier it will be to transition to being the teacher in that room rather than a student.


What it was like to win Dangerous Curves

Winning Dangerous Curves in 2015 was…gosh, almost otherworldly. It felt like a dream! Preparing for DC really taught me power of practicing my routine over and over and over, and it taught me to ask for feedback from others in creating and refining my routine. At the end of all that, I actually felt the most confident I ever have onstage during DC, despite it being a live performance AND a competition, because I KNEW that routine! Winning felt AWESOME. After I heard the winner would be chosen by dance-off, I came up with a strategy, and bought myself some vinyl star shaped pasties! I felt badass & sneaky, hehe. 😉

What it was like to have Dangerous Curves entrusted to me

It was an incredible feeling! I literally squeel/screamed when I got off the phone with Roz. 😀 It’s also been a bit daunting, because it’s a lot of work, and I really want to make sure I do well. I want people have a ridiculous amount of fun; I want my competitors to feel empowered; and overall I want everyone to leave at the end of night wanting to come back next year and bring all their friends!


What you should expect from Dangerous Curves in 2016

You should expect a crazy evening of performances by polers who have been chosen for their abilities, not just on the pole, but to entertain! We’ll have a wild time, and whether you’re a competitor or an audience member, expect to meet some great new people, and to be inspired! Oh, and one big change, for those who were familiar with DC prior to this year — I’ll be hosting DC in Denver, CO — quite the change from New York City! Urban feel with easy access to the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

Three things I hope to accomplish this year

Well, putting on a great show (and surviving the process) is definitely #1!  I also have a few opportunities to perform this year, and I intend to make each performance my best one yet.  And finally, I hope to have a plan by the end of the year for how to further my goals as a fitness instructor, which will include some certifications, and hopefully expand to teaching pole workshops out of state.

Dangerous Curves will be at Pole Con!

I always look forward to performing — I love being on stage! (The Dangerous Curves All Stars showcase will be Sat. June 4th at 1:30 pm, so if you get the chance, come check us out!) I’m also really excited to get to meet many of the fabulous people from my online pole community — including miss Jada herself!


My advice for curvy polers

You’ve probably heard it said before, but everyone has their own unique journey that they travel in pole, so focus on your own — celebrate your victories, big & small (please, please, PLEASE take video throughout your pole journey and just watch how the things you used to struggle with become your power moves! It’s incredible!), pat yourself on the back for your Personal Bests, and be kind to yourself when you find yourself not meeting your expectations. Talk to yourself as you would to a friend. Like, when I have a bad class, I’ll tell myself “That’s ok, Tausha, everyone has rough pole days and today’s just one of yours.” And when you have a good day? Shout it from the rooftops! Cheer for yourself when you get that new spin or trick, or land something you’ve been working on, and then post videos & pictures later on! I’d also encourage you all to reach out to the pole community. There’s an amazing group of supportive people out there, whether it’s in your studio, or on Instagram or Facebook, there are people out there who love pole, and love that you love pole, and they are just waiting to celebrate with you!

Stay in Touch with Dangerous Curves!


Instagram: @DangerousCurvesPole




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